Past the willows or an illusion, Lord, tell me the reason why…

Two days after Christmas and the last of the celebrating just ended. Gifts exchanged and hugs given, games played and meatballs consumed. Now that all the kids want is money there is not so much random cardboard detritus to deal with as there used to be.

Excess can only justifiably be celebrated with Big Brother and the Holding cheapCompany’s Cheap Thrills, the prototype with Janis of so many of Robert Plant’s more histrionic vocal moments. Sam Andrew may have had one of the dirtiest guitar sounds around at the time, linked with Joplin’s voice it is incendiary and who doesn’t love an R. Crumb cartoon.

The whole thing also complements the lava lamp with a nice period ambiance, all I need are silk scarves and incense burners and I may be taking the great leap backwards.

It’s been a relatively quiet Christmas. Two out of three kids have been working throughout the holiday. Yesterday we went looking for ski pants for my wife so she can throw herself down a snowy mountain in some relative comfort. This search will continue tomorrow. Relatively mundane and not as exciting as some of the others I have been reading about.

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