They say there’s life up there in the galaxy…

My favorite dystopia, the one you read about or the one you live in?

The question resonates as you watch T.V. check out social media or watch the debate. Friends and family revealing their latent racism and hatred for their fellow man while they lament the lack of Christ in Christmas.

This evening after being assaulted or insulted intellectually, spiritually and my basic humanity questioned I gave up and retreated to the world view of Bob Calvert and the Hawklords. This is not necessarily a safe place as the Flying Doctor reaches for the drug cabinet key and Icarus plummets to his fate.power

The Hawklords album has been a favorite of mine since the first time I heard it. It’s managed to age well over the years in my opinion, it’s slightly more punk approach to the usual Hawkwind assault on the senses results in shorter more direct songs without the wonderful whoosh of early Hawkwind. This is not necessarily a good thing as a good whoosh is called for at times especially when focusing on the approaching dystopia.

psiIt’s on the famous Charisma label as well which always makes me smile with the Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter.

After almost 40 minutes of the Brock signature guitar riffing (often strangely enough on an acoustic guitar) and the blurred future predictions of society from Mr. Calvert society almost looks normal. As long as you avoid CNN and realize it is good for us as a society to be the laughing stock of the other nations. If we are not we may start thinking we have some answers.

Just don’t let them know you can see what they’re thinking.

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