I’ve got your number, is it still the same?

Live/Road albums are a mixed bag. The new collection of songs released as live album is often pretty dangerous, see Richard Thompson’s Dream Attic for a emptydisappointing example.

Jackson Browne’s  Running on Empty however is an example of how it should be done. Of course a band with Leland Sklar, David Lindley and  Russ Kunkel on drums would have to work hard to fail.

So I am sitting here listening to it and really enjoying it. Recorded on stage, in motel rooms and on the tour bus the album lopes along nicely. Like most Jackson Browne albums it is full of engaging songs that rock along pleasantly. He is not however the edgiest of songwriters, more like a warm blanket to wrap yourself in than anything else.

It has however been a good week for Jackson Browne albums with The Pretender and For Everyman coming home with me this week as well as Running On Empty so it should be a good weekend for some pleasant if less than challenging moments.


6 thoughts on “I’ve got your number, is it still the same?

  1. The Pretender is the sound of my childhood, along with Steve Miller’s ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ – I must have heard those two LPs a million times (each!). I know them so well that, despite liking them both a lot, I’ve needed to buy them.

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