And we let the goldfish go…

It’s been a bit of a day as the rain poured down. There was little to do in a real way. I managed to stagger to the garage to clean up some of the mess that is in there after the move.

Most of the day has been spent immersed in the music of Van Morrison. This was brought on not only because I played 7 Singles Deep by the Icicle Works but because last night I had a particularly vivid dream.

I used to drive home from work after the swing shift about 22/23 years ago in an old Chevette, yes the same one that kept getting stuck in the sand on the beach. It had a tape deck and a cassette was stuck in it, it constantly played on a loop unless I switched to the radio. The cassette had been there since we bought the car and for 3 or 4 months until I bought a cassette player to switch out it was the soundtrack of those foggy late night drive.

So as I crawled along at midnight along the foggy by-pass from Formby to Liverpool I had a very definite soundtrack. It was a mix tape the previous owner had made. It consisted entirely of Van Morrison. When i finally switched the tape deck I pried that cassette out and it was entitled Hard Nose the Highway, although it only had two tracks from that album. Wild Children and Purple Heather were those tracks.

The other song I remember was In The Days Before Rock and Roll. I still to this day know all the lyrics to this song. As I crawled along counting the lights and corners before my turn in the fog I bellowed along to the stream of conscience nonsense of a time long gone and “Justin gentler than a man.” made so much sense.


That tape got destroyed in it’s removal but it ingrained a real love for Van. I wish I could remember the tracks on that cassette but they are gone apart from the few that are stuck in my head.

It was a fine way to spend a rainy Saturday though.


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