“Roly poly, roly poly, holy poly poly” he sang…

There are few things more positive in life than a Steve Hillage album. The eternally blissed out and smiling hippy guitar slinger. Always the reluctant guitare hero he was as shown by the cover as capable as any other guitarist of giving good face.

As you probably know, especially if you have ever seen Donovan live,  Donovan singlehandedly is responsible for the 60’s, psychedelia and folk-rock music. However even he was not able to take a song and create from it a sound that oozes peace love and happiness from the speakers and even Donovan did not dare to enter the 15th century hurdy gurdy into the rock arena. Hillage takes a memorable Donovan ditty channels it through the octave doctors and makes it frolic with the pixies.

Yes he is an annoyingly positive peace loving hippy who makes Neil from the Young Ones look like Attila the Hunl but you really have to smile when he asks, “Who’s gonna be an electrick gypsy?” Suddenly wearing a kaftan and Egyptian jewelry looks like a reasonable life choice. You start searching out your llama wool hat and mittens to insulate against the chilly November winds and wait for the full moon before making any major decisions in life.

All of this before side 2 which launches you to strange chants a track recorded entirely during the full moon and ends with George Harrison’s It’s All Too Much.  All in all the album hits all of the required points for a successful Hillage album, and next came punk.

3 thoughts on ““Roly poly, roly poly, holy poly poly” he sang…

  1. Noooo! You mentioned the D word in your second paragraph! Take it away, it burns, it burns!!!

    (from hippy stock, I was exposed to ‘A Gift From a Flower to a Garden’ at far too young an age)

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