Violence is caused by governments…

At 21.00 hrs GMT you can tune in to the Planet Gong for telepot contact every day or evening depending  on where you are, that’s 13.00 hrs PST for those on the weird and wonderful left coast of these United States.

I know this because it says so on the back of many a Gong album and particularly ANARCHYon the back of this artifact from 1977 with the Here and Now Band. Replete with bubbling analog synths, clashing guitars, space whispers and the wild and wacky  sensibilities of one Daevid Allen. It also has the injunction on the cover not to pay more than 17f, 2.50 in pounds and $3,50, none of which makes any sense now but in the day I am sure made a whole lot of annoyance for sales people in import record stores around the world.

Here and Now were born out of the UK free festival scene and Daevid Allen, well he was created fully formed I am sure as the archetype beat poet, rock iconoclast and all round smiley mannequin or as the album says purveyor of bi-focal vocals. Together they made an album that was mostly live, is totally unique and always brings a twinkle to the eye.

Two classics in Floatin’ Anarchy and Opium for the People, surrounded by the usual excellent Allen and Smyth anarchy, Live Floatin’ Anarchy 1977 is like a fresh faced hippy/punk crossover blowing raspberries in the face of adversity. It’s also a lot of fun to listen to. Along with Here and Now’s Give and Take it is a real slice of a period in time that ended so badly with Thatcherism and the loss of so much that was good and fun in life.

You can go here for hours of browsing fun and great pictures:

And if that’s not enough this guy is on the label again:


7 thoughts on “Violence is caused by governments…

    1. That guy is c classic, so be affinitzed all you like, the space whisper is an almost lost art form and may be ready for a return, you could become whirled famous that way.

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