So move along, get along, Move along, get along, Go! Move! Shift!

I’ve been talking about moving house for awhile so here is a little of the story without the self pity. I really enjoy moving house as it is a time to downsize the stuff you don’t need and concentrate on something important. In my case that is the people I love. This move should simplify a lot of things and allow us to concentrate on what is important.

This move is almost over, this is our 16th and some level our saddest. We had been in this house for 10 difficult years apparently, bought just as the markets all collapsed and the plan to refinance never made it to reality. Bad loan, thanks to a friend,  great house as I keep thinking.

This year we gave up and decided to take the short sale, this has involved us systematically destroying our credit which has been somewhat liberating and terrifying at the same time. dylan Our kids got to squat for three months which reminded me of my younger years and gave me a rosy glow at least as I caused mayhem for the home owners association  by paying my dues so they could swim in the pool and not be hassled by the self-righteous members.

Hopefully by Friday it will be all over and we can move on. I also hope that Chris comes to get his stuff as he has been moving into an apartment as we moved towards the end of this process. If he doesn’t make it I guess there is a pile of instrumentsinstruments waiting to be collected.

As you can see we concentrated on musical taste not financial security with our children. This has caused them to be a lot of fun to be around, incredibly responsible were work is concerned but a little flaky in other areas of life that some feel important like buying food rather than instruments or music.

Chris left with five boxes of records, many instruments and one box of clothes and another of other personal possessions, of course he does seem to have forgotten some stuff. Tom only had one box of records but five guitars and three amps which are filling up our spare room right now as he figures out what to do and where to go.

Anyhow it is all over apart from the signing so things are looking rosy right now, the cats are happy and the dog content so there you have it.


3 thoughts on “So move along, get along, Move along, get along, Go! Move! Shift!

  1. Neil,
    I’m glad that you’re ok through all of this upheaval. You’re right, that it’s important to be able to focus on what’s most important to us.
    All too often, we get caught up in things that we don’t have much left over… of ourselves and of our time.
    While I don’t wish any kind of hardship or stress on anyone, this could turn out to be a life-changing event — in a good way. It sounds like you have excellent perspective and outlook.
    Wishing you all the best in your new place.
    – D

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