I scoff multifarious breakfasts with a sneer…

Well I missed breakfast.

It’s Sunday and today’s soundtrack was the wonderful Banana Moon album that only makes sense on certain Sundays when you have driven for six hours with no music and only one cup of coffee and then are sitting at the end of the day wondering if you should go to bed.moon But then take a look around and find that the 22 year old who just moved home, “just for awhile to get my head together.” has found something wonderful. I guess I did some things right as a Dad.

In all honesty this is the album that came home the other day with me but missed out on the picture for some reason. It sat leaning against the other records in a pile of fun waiting to happen, or until someone discovered it and placed it on the turntable thereby allowing the fun to happen.

This is one of the most confusing, chARLYenjoyable, strange, fun weird and wacky albums you will ever take the time to listen to. It’s a sort of Gong/Soft Machine/Ayers experience. It is also always a good thing when the record label makes you smile as well.

Almost impossible to explain, psychedelic, poppy and out there in a laid back gentle way. I really have no idea how to explain this album apart from it makes me smile.


3 thoughts on “I scoff multifarious breakfasts with a sneer…

  1. I see what you mean, Neil! A couple seconds into “It’s the Time of Your Life” I thought I was listening to “Pretty Woman” — but, no….One song and I can tell I’m going to like this album.
    Thanks for the introduction as I hadn’t heard of them before.
    I hope that you’ve recovered from the lack of music and lack of coffee. This album will help! 🙂

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