I’ve gone through all my rings and assorted gold things But there will always be something missing…

I have always been a sucker for album titles. So when I read the title Until In Excess Imperceptible UFO by the Besnard Lakes,  I was unable to resist. The cover also grabbed me immediately.

I have no idea where they found this or whether it was commissioned but I have always enjoyed seascapes that seem to draw you in with the power and ferocity of the ocean and the sky, excessthis of course is not the sea but a grassland that moves and shifts like ocean swells. Those Canadian Prairies have had an impact on them it seems.

It is also a good representation of the music, Shifting, changing at times almost imperceptible but with a relentless dynamic quality that can be overpowering. Which is the long way of saying this will sweep you up, toss you about and leave you exhausted. The sound is somewhere around the Beach Boys playing Pink Floyd after they spent the night listening to the Cocteau Twins playing Brian Eno’s greatest hits.

I enjoy albums you have to listen to all the way through every time. This is one of those, when you sit down to listen get ready to spend the next 50 minutes in the company of the Besnard Lakes.

The final track Alamogordo takes everything you have heard throughout the album and wraps it up in 7 minutes of crashing drums, swelling synths and guitars to leave you exhausted and then three minutes of calming synth swell to get back to normalcy.


3 thoughts on “I’ve gone through all my rings and assorted gold things But there will always be something missing…

  1. Such an amazing record, and a wonderful way to describe it. Besnard Lakes is like The Beach Boys dropped acid and this record is the point where it all begins to make sense. I had a chance to see them live a couple years ago at a small club in Chicago. Didn’t work out, and I’m still bummed out about it.

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