They flutter behind you your possible pasts…

I hate the Wall by Pink Floyd and yet I have seen it performed twice with Roger.

 I do however like the Final Cut, go figure.

 Anyway I got a really nice copy of it today part of a blackout that includes:

Comes A Time and Harvest by Neil Young

The Raven That Refused to Sing by Steven Wilson

That’s five records total and I am on the track of a copy of Neil Young’s Re-Actor so all will be well soon.

I will have to give some thought to why I like the Final Cut so much.


7 thoughts on “They flutter behind you your possible pasts…

  1. The Wall never clicked for me although I do appreciate the brilliant musicianship. I’m looking forward to your thoughts on Final Cut.
    What is a blackout? Do you get surprise albums?

    1. A blackout is when you wake up to find you have acquired several albums and have no way of explaining to your family what happened.

      The Wall always feels a little winey to me, poor Roger he had such a tough rock’n’roll life,

  2. I’m a big fan of TFC, I never could resist Waters’ venom and there’s some great examples here ‘Fletcher Memorial Home’ is ace.

    BUT I love The Wall too, every millisecond even the crappy Trial bit. It used to give me strange dreams when I was 12.

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