Don’t surround yourself with yourself…

It’s Yes it’s supposed to not make sense. Don’t worry about the lyrics just dig the music man.

What do you mean you don’t get it? It’s yes.

How many times had I heard that and other statements as Galvin switched to the next Yes album in his hazy bedroom.

His greatest argument was based around the Yessongs triple album and how great it was, listen to the bass man he would mumble as the wah wah peddle hit.

As if that made any difference. In 1973 Genesis released a live document of the band at that time, it was one album that missed off the long song that was central to their show. Yes likewise released a live document of the band that was three albums and included pretty much everything you might see them do live and things you hoped they would not.shows

This did mot make any sense to me as I was a fan of the batwing headdress Gabriel led band while Galvin was enamored of the odd lyrics and capes of Yes. I was a fan of the melody and precision of Genesis while he reveled in the excesses of Yes.

fishThen one afternoon as I gazed at the little girl sat on the strange mushroom shaped rock confronting the fish spaceship it all made sense. They had surrounded themselves with themselves and it was good.

Not to mention.

It’s Yes man!

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