Ha ha charade you are…

I always liked that doggy howling way on the Animals label.dog

I have always found Animals to have more in common with the early Floyd albums than it’t two predecessors and I often sit and wonder what it would have been like if they had all kept on with this direction instead of the Wall.

It’s late and I don’t have much to say apart from this was my first Floyd album and every time I hear it I am taken back to my 13 yr old self hunched animalsover the speakers with the lights off listening intently to every note. I borrowed it from the library, made  a tape and played it to death. Until today I have never owned a copy. It is in fine shape for an album that is almost 40 years old.

Last time in London my two sons and myself spent some time looking at Battersea Power Station. For a moment the whole moment took on the feeling of a pilgrimage and then collectively we shook ourselves and smiled. A couple of weeks ago my middle son texted me the link to the sale for the pig and for a moment I thought if I had enough money that is the one piece of memorabilia I would want. Then I heard it was being offered to the band and spent my $15 on the album instead.

Five classic songs with no filler, more guitar than any other Floyd album and the best response by the old guard to punk at the time and much more vital than the Wall.

11 thoughts on “Ha ha charade you are…

  1. What an entry point for Floyd! I’m very fond of Animals too (if you can be fond of such a rageful spitting of sociopolitical bile) and sometimes I wish they’d just stopped after this.
    Battersea is a great destination for a rock pilgrimage. Pity I didn’t think of that last month when I was in the UK. Oh well, next time maybe.

  2. I enjoyed your review and was inspired to listen to Animals online. It’s only a few minutes in and I like it. I’ve never cared much for Pink Floyd…I recognize their talent but it doesn’t do much for me. It seems that I’d like their earlier sounds based on what I’ve heard so far.
    New discoveries! Thanks, Neil.

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