Oh mother don’t do it again…

Some jokes/albums you just get the very first time and sometimes they are the same thing the joke and the album. I have loved Camembert Electrique since the first time I heard it.

I was on the fence about Gong after Angels Egg and The Flying Teapot album but the cheese factor took me over the edge. It is lunatic brilliance and a strange jazz anarcho hippy dippy wacky love fest in two sides of inspired stupidity. cheeseDynamite, I Am Your Animal may have been the scariest thing I ever heard one odd Saturday afternoon and may have caused me to hide my head under a pillow for at least three of it’s four and a half minutes. Only Fohat Digs Holes In Space and Tried So Hard could calm me eventually once I made it to side 2.

Yes it predates the famous trilogy and has more in common with Floating Anarchy than the cuteness of Flying Teapot’s and Pixies and Hillage’s sophisticated guitar. Punk jazz as Galvin said in his weird whisper, come listen to this.

In 1974 you could have bought it for 59p and may have felt ripped off. So for the 6th time  I went out on a safe limb and bought Camembert Electrique again. I think this is now three L.P.’s a cassette and two C.D.’s and this is the first time it was new and has the word audiophile on it which I think is ironic. The only common denominator is that it has never failed to amuse, bemuse and keep me enthralled. The downside is it drove my wife from the room muttering and shaking her head.

You have to love an album with an infinite loop at the end of each side.


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