Feel a bit roughed, feel a bit frightened…

I always balked at the thought of Lodger by Bowie. The difficult third album of the Berlin trilogy and yet it was recorded in Montreux and mixed in New York so how is it part of the Berlin trilogy. It’s really the last of the directly Eno influenced albums. It does however have some of the same feel as it’s more acceptable brethren.

At some point though it is kind of like only knowing part of the story to not listen to it. You will never know the end, 26 years after it’s recording it has also like many difficult albums been redefined as a lost classic. lodgerIt’s Bowie though so there has to be something in there interesting and there is.

Lodger took me by surprise, it is more song based than either Low or Heroes with no instrumental sections, it is also a little schizophrenic at times.The story goes Eno and Bowie were tense during the recording and maybe it is like the end of a relationship, things  can get weird but things can still be really good, sometimes passionate and other times cold.

I have lived with Low and Heroes to the point they play themselves in my head at times, I find myself humming along to music nobody else can hear and it may be Sound and Vision or V-2 Schneider. I think that the solos in Boys Keep Swinging may have got into my head in the same way.

It was the last album of the 70’s for Bowie and it is a messed up enough  album to really draw an end to a decade that was so frenetic for him.

4 thoughts on “Feel a bit roughed, feel a bit frightened…

  1. It is a difficult album to embrace, isn’t it? One of his more angry records, perhaps. Maybe it requires more listens to reveal its charms – much complex music does – but somehow pushes the listener away from doing that.

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