Started out in Sausolito, They said “You talk just like the Beatles”…

Or you are not on the list.

So I made a list had a think, or thunk,  and thought what happened to Head Like A Rock? Why is it not on the list. So here it is too cool to be on time and always late to the party but actually brings the party with it.head

Ian McNabb’s masterpiece Head Like A Rock.

Actually I got an email from Dave stating that he would categorically come over and steal my records if I did not correct this travesty of justice and list making. He is also 6000 miles away from my record collection so that is a commitment to justice and this is the second time he has threatened my records this week alone.

Recorded with members of Crazy Horse it is one of the best guitar albums from the 90’s. Full of feedback and melodies to die for, it is a classic. As far as I know there is no vinyl version but there is a very cool expanded edition CD with all sorts of fun B. Sides and singles.

Supposedly a concept album but I got that from wikepedia and have never heard that idea before. My guess would be tortured artist form Liverpool overcome with angst plays loud guitar with his heroes band would do as a concept though.

In truth there are many styles on the album from country to gospel and pop but all with the McNabb wit and bite.

No I will not be removing an album from my 15 this is a kind of bonus disc and I am locking the doors securely to keep intruders away from the beloved vinyl.

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