My head is getting broken and my mind is getting bust…

For years I was convinced that this was the only Purple album you need and I may have been right. Of course that may have been because it was advertised on TV as well and I was a sucker. I have been assured by many people over the years that there are other Purple albums I should own but I have to admit to not having bothered to buy any of them apart from Fireball.purple

The only problem with it is it is so long that it has to be played at volume, of course this is Deep Purple so volume would be required anyway.

It has all the hits you really need and is none stop fun from start to end. There is a really strange experience mid way through side 2, as Coverdale’s vocals come screaming at you for two songs with Burn and Stormbringer. There is nothing wrong with this as they are both great songs but I have yet to figure why they are mid way through a side of MK II.  It is a little jarring sound wise especially as you then launch into Demons Eye and Smoke on the Water to finish the album off.

Every time I listen to Deep Purple I am stunned by how great a drummer Ian Paice is and how important Jon Lord was to that sound. I am also reminded of the hours standing in the rain at Knebworth in 1985 waiting for them to come on and play.

At the time my girlfriend was a fan of Barclay James Harvest and Deep Purple and Purple were the more interesting of the two possible gigs. Of course after hours of standing in the rain, having had to listen to both Mama’s Boys and Meatloaf on the same day things got a little strange.  I remember the show despite I am sure hypothermia was about ready to settle in for my then beloved and she had to shelter her diminutive frame from the downpour, there may have been a fire and soggy bikers as well.

6 thoughts on “My head is getting broken and my mind is getting bust…

  1. Before this weekend I had never heard of Barclay James Harvest and would’ve assumed the reference to be a bad table wine. Now here is the second time I’ve been enlightened. I must have missed something.

  2. fishface

    I have a fairly extensive collection of Deep Purple up until 1976 and sporadic thereafter; Like you, I was at Knebworth to see the rebirth of Mk II. Would recommend a copy of ‘Burn’ on vinyl if it comes your way, my favourite album.

    1. I have heard most of the Deep Purple canon, I only struggle with Come Taste The Band. Fireball is my favourite because it is so overblown but begins with Paice going ape on the drums and never let’s up.
      Pictures of Home may be my favourite track by them ever.

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