Trying to get my courage up…

It was 50c, honest I couldn’t help myself, it’s an addiction, help me. This was the internal dialogue which was inevitable after I made the fateful decision to enter the store instead of just dropping stuff off we had to get rid of at the door.

Then I bought it.

Night Moves by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, and you know I have to confess it is a fine mid 70’s rock album. Night Moves is reminiscent of Van Morrison and the rest rocks along nicely. Also how could you resist these fine young men as they smile at you from the thrift store racks.


That’s some special facial hair on display there. Also some serious coiffing went on right before this picture was taken like the year book picture for your favorite biker gang. They sure clean up nice many a mother must have said when seeing this picture.night moves

I am sure many a mom was also greeted with this clean cut young man pulling up out front in his Chevy pick up to take her beloved daughter for a root beer float in 1976.

The album also has a slight aroma that is to say the least herbal.

I think my one play may not  be enough I do like the song Night Moves and Sunburst is fun and Mainstreet is a classic. I have a soft spot for 70’s rock I have to admit hence the Steve Miller and Heart albums that came home as well. It also has the Muscle Shoals rhythm section making an appearance.

This album demands a glass of Bourbon and a cold Coors or Pabst to  go along with it. It should be drunk in a manly way none of that ironic hipster crap, this is all American blue collar working man music. It may be the little brother of the E-Street band and their singer but it rocks in a no less sincere way.



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