Circles, circles spinning round…

Hall of the Mountain Grill is 41 years old today. for some reason that seems important.

So happy swishy, whooshy, bleepy birthday to a record. And why not I say when corporations are people albums can have birthdays.

So here for your enjoyment is the spectacular Barney Bubbles artwork.


In honor of such a momentous event I attempted to buy Space Ritual on Ebay but was outbid so bought Neil Young’s Decade instead and Bowie’s Lodger, the funny thing is they cost about the same as Space Ritual would have.

The lesson here is listening to too much Hawkwind can cause momentary lapses in judgement resulting in impulse buying of records.

Then there is the reading, what better way to celebrate such a birthday than the reading of some Moorcock:


The end to a perfect day, impulse buying, Space Rock and the Multiverse.

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