The past ain’t no friend of mine…

It’s a week of Welsh music it seems.

Today I found these laying in a Goodwill store, so far from home it seemed wrong not to take them home, at least they could nestle up to the Man album and compare tales of home the mountains and valleys of North Wales.

Then you take a close look and those are some real 80’s rock’n’roll haircuts going on. alarmingIt is almost enough to make you put that record away and hide it at the back of the to be played pile. However if you suck it up and brave the fashion statements then you are rewarded with a real gem of the 80’s. The Alarm seem to have avoided some of the excesses of 80’s production and have interesting anthems sung with spirit. To my ears they don’t sound anything like U2 which is the usual comparison.

They managed to tour with U2 and support Dylan and then faded into relative obscurity.

Every song seems bigger than the next as if Springsteen grew a mullet declared himself for Welsh freedom and howled into the wind. Until today my only memory of the band was 68 Guns which may be enough but taking the time to listen is fun and rewarding and reminds you that the 80’s was not all Madonna, Whitney Houston and Dire Straits with a sprinkling of Sting and Collins.

All I need now is to find a Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci  album to complete the Welsh Connection or at least buy that Tom Jones in Vegas album.

3 thoughts on “The past ain’t no friend of mine…

  1. All hail God’s own country!! (Stop me now because I’ll just go on and on about rugby if you don’t)

    I like the Alarm, they did a good Welsh language album too.

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