Come on boy do something…

The best double guitar band from Wales bar none, Man. The best San Francisco Band from Wales as well, the most confusing band from Wales with a family jungle, not tree.

Be Good To Yourself At Least Twice A Day hails from the time of extravagant album sleeves and contains no tracks less than 7 minutes and chugs along in an amiable West Coast way. The band never decide if they are progressive, blues or straight up rock which only adds to the confused charm. This is what happens if the band eat too many bananas and then Crint their way through the night.

I have no idea now what this album is about and never have in the thirty years plus I have been listening to it. since the fateful day it was handed to me by a grinning Galvin. Who said with a knowing smile, “figure this out Man.” According to the sleeve western civilization was begin in Wales which is actually an island to the west of England.

All of this makes complete sense when listening to the album. Almost as clearly as the first time I listened to it. Falling somewhere between the Grateful Dead and Hawkwind they have been part of my musical soundtrack for a long time and are always rewarding.

They do also have one of the all time greatest album covers that folds out origami style to a map of Wales with the Man version of Welsh history. Sometimes you have to wonder how the youth of today get by without this type of thing.

Man plowed  a strange furrow with Hawkwind and Gong and Brinsley Schwartz throughout the seventies, this album was produced along with Dave Edmunds and has no Deke Leonard on slide but has always been my favourite simply because the tracks stretch out without ever becoming boring or noodley.


You just can’t get that fun with a CD or mp3 download. You have to think that Hipgnosis or Roger Dean, Barney Bubbles et al. would never have survived if they had begum life in age of the CD . Anyway the album is a thing of beauty and I am really glad I stopped off at Every Day music on the way home from the beach even if the staff are a little annoying and sneered at my other purchases. The outer sleeve is a little worn but the amazing fold out is awesome.

4 thoughts on “Come on boy do something…

  1. fishface

    I’ve yet to add any Man to my collection, but en route to the Brecon Beacons in the summer of 2000, I decided to stop off in Monmouth for a coffee. It was one of those moments of pure serendipity, it turned out that it was the Monmouth Festival and I needed no encouraging to delay my onward journey to watch Man play a free outdoor gig in the town… I wouldn’t be able to tell you what they played, but I know I left with a smile on my face!

  2. Now you’re talking! Rock from my homeland. Is it wrong to say I’m looking forward to inheriting lots of Man from my dad one day? Okay, yes, it is!

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