Riding high on a wanderlust…

It’s been a week of anxiety and concern in the household as children made big decisions and parents looked on with concern and fear at times.

Suddenly everything seems OK. Admittedly the decision is only dodged and not finally settled but it is still preferable and we have a year to look at wrapping good thoughts around him.

When things are going well it is time to pull out a joyous album from the dim and distant 80’s in the shape of The Icicle Works eponymous first album.icicle Pop psychedelia at it’s best and there is Chris Sharrock’s drumming to rock your world, seldom has one drummer sounded like three having a good time.

Of course there is the necessary hits with (Birds Fly) Whisper to a Scream and Love Is A Wonderful Colour but the other tracks like the Floydian psychedelia of Nirvana and the drama of Lover’s Day as well as Factory In The Desert and Chop the Tree is were the true glory of the album is. Yes they went on to better and bigger sounding albums ending the original lineup with the monster of Blind and it’s eclectic mix of styles but the first album is the one I constantly go back to when like today things are good.

The copy I have is a US version that misses out my favourite Reap the Rich Harvest but it is still a classic moment of how not everything in 80’s music sucked and it makes me smile. The three of them look about 12 years old on the cover as well.

3 thoughts on “Riding high on a wanderlust…

  1. fishface

    The 80s were a musical absence for me, but I did discover Ian McNabb many years later with his Merseybeast release. Listening to this IW album at the moment on Spotify, very enjoyable, thanks!

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