Real life becomes a rumor…

What does Imperial Bedroom by Elvis Costello and In Search of Space by Hawkwind have in common? The answer is Barney Bubbles who designed the covers of both. spce

The Hawkwind folded out into a hawk shaped example of the excesses that make Hawkwind so fascinating.ballroom

The Costello is a modern art snake charmer and a reclining nude an example of the pretensions and braggadocio that Costello manages to fill the room with even on vinyl.

The other thing they have in common is they are the first records I ever bought by either artist. Well I have bought the Hawkwind album at least three times and the Costello once.

Anyway as I attempt to come to terms with the separation anxiety that goes along with having adult children I have played both these albums tonight. The fact that both these albums sit fairly close to each other on the shelf may be responsible for the choices my son seems intent on making right now. I have obviously confused my children with a taste in music that include Messiaen and Davis by way of Costello, Bowie, Hawkwind and all points in between and adjacent to at times.

Anyway Imperial Ballroom is a monster of a record. Perfect for that end of the night when you need a little bit of everything to calm the soul.

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