She’s got hoochie coochie Gucci and a Pom Pom hat…

It’s been awhile so today’s selection was Mr Thompson from his Polydor years.IMG_4052 That period after the divorce from Linda and the first Mitchell Froom production. This was the years when he toured with the blood spattered guitar strap and Christine Collister on the back up vocals and Clive Gregson filling the rhythm guitar spot.

Daring Adventures is a lost classic in the Thompson cannon. It provides many of the current live staples, Bone Through Her Nose, Al Bowlly, the lovely Jennie and the incendiary Valerie. It is one of his strongest albums but it often gets overlooked as it seems to be so hard to find. Full of witty sarcastic biting songs of love, loss and trains. As well and the best song of noncomitment ever written with Nearly In Love.  The price of admittance is more than justified by the guitar solo on Long Dead Love.

Maybe it is the dour cover looking like some film noire screenshot set in Yorkshire. Although the strange man in leather trench coat and flat cap leaning against a brick wall looks sinister for all the wrong reasons. This  may be the reason it is less well known than some of the other albums.

Not long after this R.T. took off for Los Angeles and fame and fortune as the most oft cited guitar slinger nobody knows about or the alleged soccer coach for the Governator at one time.

This album  along with Hand of Kindness and Across a Crowded Room has held my hand through many a break up from 1983 to 1991, then my soon to be wife asked me to play it again and I knew I had a keeper.

4 thoughts on “She’s got hoochie coochie Gucci and a Pom Pom hat…

  1. Neat story.
    In full agreement regarding ‘Daring Adventures’. How come someone so clearly aversive to intimacy somehow connects us to our own need for human kindness? That’s Richard’s alchemy I guess.
    Plan to write about AACR soonish.

      1. I have heard it all the way through once so far and only really in the car. My first though really is I wanted Tweedy to be more prominent production wise. It is like all of his latest albums though the quality of songwriting is obviously superior it is just that there is not necessarily something that jumps out like a Gypsy Love Songs or Ghost’s In The Wind, Put It There Pal or Crawl Back. Not necessarily Thompson by numbers but close.
        Of course that is one listen and not really a close one as it was driving in a noisy wrangler.

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