Down at the well they’ve got a new machine…

O.K. the question keeps coming up for me does vinyl really sound better?

This article really sums up it up. No vinyl does not sound better but we sometimes feel better about the act of playing music on vinyl.

So to all those hipsters out there it really is a fashion thing, and for all the older vinyl enthusiasts it is as I have always thought a nostalgia thing and well let’s face it it’s a whole lot more fun to collect than mp3 files or Spotify playlists.

This morning it was for me the best album by The Band that the Band never made.


For a pop star Elton John sure makes a great concept album. He also manages to get a lot of that Band feel into this album especially on the track Son of Your Father, as Bernie Taupin’s lyrics cover his interest in Western mythology.

It’s amazing how beautiful and complex those early Elton John albums are in construction. I cannot imagine any record company putting so much effort into an artist these days. It really seems that the 70’s had the idea of music as an art form not a product down. It’s a beautiful album, gate fold textured, with a booklet inside that looks like it came form the old west.


Nostalgia is flowing freely here in the household although Elton John is an artist I avoided with a passion in the past due to my own biases about pop music at the time. Just not serious enough was my thought, too poppy. Happily as I have grown up maybe poppy is not so bad. It’s really nostalgia for a time when we all took the time to sit and listen, a time when things just moved at a different pace and you did not have constant stimuli forcing it’s way into your life. Or maybe it’s just Friday and  I am beat.

Anyway happy Friday and the weekend beckons.


4 thoughts on “Down at the well they’ve got a new machine…

  1. Am I a hipster? 🙂 I love the sound of vinyl. I absolutely agree with your point about music as an art form. As it should be. Great post, by the way. Thought-provoking.

    1. Vinyl does sound better to the human ear apparently for many reasons most of which are to do with the limitation of the medium. Let’s be honest though it is just cooler as well.

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