What you see is what you are…

In the distant past before family there were those halcyon days of the early 80’s that in memory seem to be some sort of constant bacchanalian adventure. The soundtrack to that experience was a band who originally swore never to record their music as it was spontaneous and for the moment. Then some members moved on, they met Daevid Allen and became Planet Gong, went on tour and were recorded on Live Floating Anarchy. They then recorded an album as Here and Now that was of it’s time but manages at the same time to be timeless with ex Amon Duul and Hawkwind bassist Dave Anderson.

Imagine a band that was part punk, part reggae, part prog-rock and could improvise for the whole night. You then get Here and Now. Over the years and albums their music became more refined but they always managed to keep that improvisation and humorous core to music. I have fond memories of spinning around for hours seemingly to their strange swirling spiky music in fields and Liverpool clubs. The unique feature of their gigs was that you either made a donation or brought a can of beans to pay. They also seemed to be at every festival usually right before Hawkwind and really living what they preached about Floating Anarchy.

Give and Take is an album that takes me back in time to a pleasant place. Hanging our with friends at a time when “If you want a little bit of Heaven that’s alright with me.” seemed oh so deep. It is an album that’s sound is hard to describe, analog synths, glissando guitar, slightly dodgy lyrics and a label that is either offensive or hilarious.





Really it was another time and another place but it sure is nice to revisit every now and then. Apparently they are still going if you live in the UK  so go see them.



6 thoughts on “What you see is what you are…

    1. I forget the name but it was on Victoria Street and it was underground. Also CF Mott college in Prescot which was really strange for more than one reason.

  1. It could be either as I have a memory that does not necessarily retain names, The only names I can dredge out of the past other than the usual 80’s/90’s Liverpool clubs are the She club but we used to run past that in fear of the ladies of the night and The Freewheelers on Wood Street which was a reasonable stagger after the Swan stopped serving.

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