When I get to the border…

Tuesday night in Seattle and its Steeleye Span and a series of tragedies. 

Bass player held at the Canadian border for undisclosed reasons. Why is it always the bass player? Lemmy was ejected from Hawkwind going the other way. Hopefully this all works out for the rest of the tour and hopefully they don’t take Tuesday nights stand in. He did his best but was not up to the task. Occasionally this was distracting but overall he was a hindrance Maddy and the rest of the band could have done without. 

The band soldiered on dragging older material out of the past and playing wonderfully. Maddy was in excellent voice and Jessie May Smart performed a blinder on fiddle filling Peter Knights shoes more than adequately. It was a good night despite the bass and the Triple Door in Seattle is officially the worst place to see any band unless it is a Rat Pack tribute. It is set up with booths and creates an awful distance between performer and audience. 


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