Damn you Fairport Convention…and they hiked.

5:30 am is my time, everyone else is asleep and I get to play what I want, maybe not as loud as I would like but I get to play it.

This past week has predominantly been this collection as I come to terms with everyone in the house not working right now but me. It is one of the downsides of being married to a teacher. fairportFairport Convention may very well be the band I cannot do without in my collection. I am however going to stop collecting vinyl with Bonny Bunch of Roses and Tipplers Tales which I am still looking for. The later albums still have great tracks on but this is my Fairport and it really belongs on vinyl to be thoroughly enjoyed.

So every morning this week has been taken up with at least one of these albums playing as I sit and sip coffee expecting my wife to join me and then realize she is not working so very well may not. That change in routine has been usual for the past 20 plus years and every year I regret not becoming a teacher as I watch her read bools go hiking and generally lead the almost retired life that obviously gets her batteries recharged over the next two months or so and preparing her for her next year with the kids she loves.

Friday was here and I got up at my usual time and realized it was a holiday and I did not have to go anywhere so I relaxed and then we went hiking.

I forgot however that it is 4th of July weekend and just how many people would be out and about so the morning hike was beautiful but almost like a stroll in the park. The afternoon however was sublime on the river as the temp reached 98 degrees plus. It is good to remember what a great state I have chosen as home especially this weekend I guess.


hikeagainhiking again


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