Was it summer when the river ran dry?

I have never been an audiophile but I do enjoy things that sound right. I don’t necessarily believe that vinyl sounds better, I just think it is cooler looking and more fun to own, I also like the search for things I want as in an age of constant communication and access to things it is nice to engage with people about something you enjoy.

I have had a couple of versions of some albums over the years looking for  the best sounding version but often I am happy with the music on most releases unless they are brick walled.

This post from Vinyl Connection


had me searching for a copy of Wind and Wuthering as I was reminded of how much I loved that album despite the silly mouse song and I only have the CD which lets face it is just not as satisfying to hold as an album.

As I searched, well in Portland you don’t necessarily have to search as there are so many opportunities to just stumble onto things, I found my copy of Wind and Wuthering and next to it in the rack a copy of A Trick of the Tail. atrickWhy not they go together and it’s a cool album. I looked at the vinyl and it had a significant mark across side one, After 10 minutes at the listening station I decided it was worth the $2 and headed home with my prizes.

Well Wind and Wuthering was excellent. As I played Trick all was going well until the bass pedals in Squonk kicked in and then wow, what happened there? I really started listening. Damn vinyl really can sound better given the right pressing and all those other considerations. The bass pedals boomed, the piano was light and the vocals sounded like they are in the room and no I had not returned to some of my younger pursuits.

Well it is really an enjoyable experience listening to the album and it still sounds good this morning and it’s my third play now. Apparently I don’t have a great pressing according to the Steve Hoffman forums but they don’t have my damaged ears and this album sounds great so they can suck eggs.

The problem I have always had with A Trick of the Tail has been the silly songs about mythical creatures. It all went a little Lewis Carroll here for Genesis. The music and melodies are as usual right there and catchy as ever but the lyrics are a little twee. Although my favorite post Gabriel tracks are on  here with Mad Man Moon and Ripples and Squonk if it had different lyrics would be the equal to Kashmir in power.It’s an album I have always enjoyed since I came home with a copy from Portugal which is now long gone between moves and other things.

The only Genesis left from my old collection is Selling England, The Lamb and Foxtrot. Since getting  a new turntable I seem to be getting more Genesis and it is still fun although sometimes I wish I had all those old albums again. IN fact I often sit here and wish that I had all those albums again.

So on to the blazing Oregon heat this weekend and it seems the rivers have run dry before summer really got going as fire season hits early and the rivers are at late August levels. I did get to visit some of my old vinyl today in my sons collection and that was quite fun.

4 thoughts on “Was it summer when the river ran dry?

    1. My Nursery Cryme and Foxtrot double album is sitting waiting to be heard. As is the copy of Voyage of the Acolyte and Trespass.

      It is never ending.

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