Grey spattered thing…

I really try and resist the temptation to harp on about how cool things are.grey spatterHowever this just looks cool and what makes it better it even sounds cool. I also had no idea what I was buying.

Yesterday the postman dropped it off and when I opened it up I was confronted with a pink vinyl grey spattered version of In The Land of Grey and Pink. I guess I should read that description a little closer. 180g vinyl Klimt records from France and all I was doing was trying to buy the cheapest version I could find and at $24 this was cheaper than anything else I could find.

So it looks cool it sounds good and was cheap. Sounds like a win to me. It has also really awakened in me a new interest in the music of Caravan so the search is on for Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night and If I Could Do It Again I Would Do It All Over You.

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