My mind was reeling…

Al Stewart is not usually someone you connect with cutting edge anything, he is however apparently the first popular artist to use the word f*ck on a record. Now every blue eyed thug is dropping an f-bomb at the thought of a syllable.

Poor old Al he of the gentle bedsitter songs and historical obsessions as well as the cinematic allusions has been passed by. Popular culture has moved on with little room for Al’s gentlemanly cursing.

Love Chronicles has quite possibly the worst possible album coverchronic and the best backing band including most of Fairport Convention and Jimmy Page. It also has the almost sidelong track outlining Al’s love adventures through his at that time brief life in 1969.

He may need a box set nowadays if he was to attempt to chronicle his ensuing conquests.

Al has been described as fay on certain internet forums. His songs especially in this album are quite charming chronicling a very middle class life of the 60’s. It is not by any ways a dangerous album. It is however quite a fun listen but not for the fainthearted who may shy away from hippy dippy idealism and orange fur jackets.


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