Standing on a golf course…

I realized this weekend I had not been crate digging anywhere, even though yesterday we must have driven past at least 10 or 12 garage sales and at least one thrift store. Redmond2We were all too busy enjoying the sun and the water in beautiful Central Oregon. It is also true to say that no music had been purchased or listened too all weekend.  This is incredibly sad.

I also realized I had essentially spent the last two days on a golf course.

The irony is I don’t play golf, I don’t even pretend to understand the game, long walk spoiled etc.

This morning I sat enjoying this view, my coffee and In the Land of Grey and Pink by Caravan. It seemed totally appropriate to play that most English of bands from the Canterbury scene as I sipped coffee in the high desert.

Now I have to find a good vinyl copy of the album to enjoy at home and complete the loop and explain the importance of the album to me.

When I got home this afternoon I did find my latest online purchases, Songs for Beginners by Graham Nash and Rise Up Like the Sun by the Albion Band, both of which I am sure will find their way here this week


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