You are living a reality I left years ago…

Over the last two weeks I have been finding many a Crosby, Stills or Nash album as I rummaged around various thrift stores and garage sales. All of them are in excellent shape the last one I found was a copy of the Crosby Stills and Nash album which as far as I am concerned should be in any collection. I found it at the amazing House of Records in Eugene,house of records it is in almost mint condition and for only $5, I am going to be honest and say I have no idea which version or pressing it is but it sounds great. It is also the only album I found in a record store.

House of records was a lot of fun, we got there 15 minutes before it closed and that may have been lucky for the wallet. It is literally a house that is jam packed with records, most reasonably priced and all looking good.

I have no idea where this treasure trove of Crosby, Stills and Nash albums came from. It is not like I found them all in one place, so it was not one collection turning up all at once.

csnyI am finding that the Crosby and Nash albums may be my favorites right now. Crosby’s slightly odd approach to songwriting has always been fun and Nash has always had a pop sensibility that was easily overlooked because of his band mates obvious rock talents. Although I have to admit to  a soft spot for Stills vocals.

The weakest album so far has been the Stills Young band album which is not really surprising even thought it does contain Long May You Run.

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