Set the controls…

So the week is over and there always seems to be 20 minutes in the day that is unaccounted for that requires me to visit the Goodwill store to see what vinyl is lying around. This week saw a particularly intriguing haul.this week

It seems like someone was cleaning out their teenage memories. The rack was a plethora of eighties heavy metal from Accept to Saxon and Molly Hatchet. It was really difficult to not take them all as i browsed but the available cash was a limitation as well as the sight of a 49 year old man strolling out of the store with a Saxon album under his arm.

I did however succumb to the Rainbow albums. I have always had a soft spot for Ronnie James Dio and Ritchie Blackmore, they were constants on the tour circuit during my formative years. I also snapped up the Rush album, it was considerably cheaper than the Ticket I bought for the show the other week.

I have always enjoyed Jean Michele Jarre and they sound superb,

Then I saw it Joe Jackson’s Body and Soul. When I was a young adult and should have known better this was the album that sophisticated young ladies used to calm down those of us who had spent too long in the bar bellowing Pogues lyrics. It was the epitome of cool and not something that would find it’s way onto my turntable. I always felt I should own it, it looked so cool on other peoples shelves. It almost preached to you that the person who’s room you were in new what good music was, they had actually listened to Coltrane and Miles and were on a casual acquaintance with the works of Nina Simone. I snatched it up and now I am afraid to play it in case my memory of the meaning of that album will spoil the music.

The two real gems are Floyd’s Ummagumma and the Kate and Anna Mcgarrigle album. Ummagumma because for years it was the only live Floyd album and I like Grantchester Meadows and The Narrow Way, the rest I have refused to ever listen to again but it’s a Floyd album and had to be saved. The vinyl by the way on this is absolutely silent although the sleeve looks like it was used as a doorstop.

Kate and Anna Mcgarrigle are just wonderful and it is a perfect album helped by Joe Boyd;s production which I am convinced consists of drinking coffee and letting musicians do the work.

So there you have it my week of wading through the thrift store grime. From metal to folk via psychedelia the blues and pop music. I have become more aware of the state of the vinyl and less concerned about the state of the cover it seems.

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