Don’t look at the carpet…

New turntable and it’s late. It was easy to set up except for the anti-skate weight which was kind of a pain to get right and recquired Michelle’s fishing knot skills.

late nightWe have been playing records all night, it must be the first time in 20 years at least since I played Low all the way through. There has also been I Often Dream of Trains and Moonmadness by Camel as well as Bridge Over Troubled Waters it got so late because the new Project turntable sounds so good.

I new I would have to upgrade from the Audio Technica eventually but what the heck, definitely worth it and I already sold the old turntable.

The cat likes the new turntable too.

Anyway just about time for bed as we have to start packing tomorrow as we move in a week after finally ditching this house for a smaller one that seems to have the same number of bedrooms but is smaller, go figure. I am expecting that the records will be the last thing packed.

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