Upside Down

It’s been long two days. Fighting the jet lag which is almost over and being out and about.
So off to York for the day, Vikings and steam trains and York Minster which is none of the most beautiful churches.




It really is a beautiful city and the railway museum is fascinating. Speed records used to be set by trains with names like the Flying Scotsman or Mallard now they are set by electric train 9100 etc. the romance of steam is gone and our lives are poorer because of it.
Also when I look at these massive machines held together by rivets with their imperfections and human marks all over them I can’t help but think that we lost a lot of our humanity when we started concentrating on perfection. New machines have no blemishes and clean lines, they also have no character. I remember thinking that when I looked at the Apollo module at OMSI with its rivets and switches. How much courage did it take to climb into those machines and hurtle through space or along the rails?

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