Tom Tiddlers’ Ground

It’s been six days on the road and a lot of fun although some brutal driving days.

Right now we are in the Black Hills having passed through Yellowstone for three nights on the way. This morning we leave for Minnesota and family reunions and all that goes with it. Should be fun though as there are descendants of an ax murderer only no one knows which ancestor did the deed.

Yellowstone was inspirational, the first national park and every corner you go around holds another wonder. Elk, bison, deer no bears though. The natural wonders of the volcanic vents, geysers and other fun stuff are just awe inspiring. It really does remind me why I chose to move to this country, apart from my beautiful wife.




The Black Hills are likewise awe inspiring, the competing points of view of Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse highlight America for me. The reverence for the land and the heroes that inspire us all Americans seem to have whether native or immigrant and the desire to reshape the land to reflect that reverence of hero and land.
We have Mt Rushmore the public project and Crazy Horse the private non-profit refusing to take federal money. Both projects on a scale unimaginable since the Egyptians mobilized a nation so long ago. Both so American in their size and vision and both just a little insane.



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