Some Special Place

A few years ago we were driving through campsites on the coast looking for future places to camp. We passed through the Sutton Creek campsite but most of it was closed, the campsite was pretty standard fare with a fire ring and trees for shade but it backed up to a creek that meandered through the dunes to the coast, the landscape called out to be explored. We were all going to go and do this but over the years the usual things got in the way as they usually do, this weekend however Michelle had her thing at the beach with her friends, the two older boys could not be convinced to come but Ben was excited and Ziggy is up for anything anytime so we set out for the coast hoping to get a site at this now legendary, in my mind at least, place.

The drive was the usual three hours or so to the central coast. We were mingled in with the ATV’s on the way to Florence to perform daring deeds on the dunes, our mission was a little quieter though. Initially there was some concern we would not get a site at our chosen campground as they all appeared full. Eventually however we managed to get ourselves situated and only had to move once to a sunnier spot.

The plan on Friday was to just get settled and go for a short hike to see what was around. We found an old rope swing and Ben had a good time playing Tarzan, although in his normal cautious way he was worried that he would not be able to support his own weight, of course he could and once he had some confidence was swinging like a champ. The a walk with Ziggy, dinner and bed after important supplies like popcorn and ‘smores makings were bought. Popcorn was made on the fire and we settled down after a successful day.

Saturday turned out to be one of those days you seem to only get at the coast. The weather was beautiful, a clear sunny day. Ben insisted that we drive with the top down on the jeep. This was a little concerning for Ziggy who seemed intimidated by the whole process. But on to the big adventure fording creeks and discovery. First we went downstream. Ziggy was alright with the relatively shallow                               water this way. He was extra alright with soccer on the beach once we had crossed the raging torrent and hiked through the sand dunes to the ocean. He really will do anything for a ball that dog.

As I discovered in England with Tom spending time with each of my three boys alone is very special. They truly are wonderful intelligent, caring and compassionate boys. I am very proud of all of them.

Of course once you have gone downstream you have to go back upstream. It’s inevitable as is falling in it seems when you are twelve. Of course this is also a time to discover that the dog is afraid of water that goes up to his chest. Ben must have hiked the best part of two miles up the creek trying to find the way  back to our campsite. Eventually we had to turn around and head back because it was getting harder for Ziggy to walk on the banks as they became more overgrown and he doesn’t seem to know how to doggy paddle. Back at camp food was eaten and a fire was made. This was more successful a conflagration than the night before.  Ben noticed the waffle iron, so of course we had to go get waffle mix for the morning and then a game of Uno at which Ben soundly thrashed me.

Breakfast was awesome,nothing like waffles made on an open fire. OK we cheated it was premade waffle mix but they were good. The dog even managed to get the leftovers as we had not brought enough dog food.

All that was left was to pack up and get ready to head off home, Ben decided we should drive north though as he did not ever remember driving north. So we headed for the Tillamook Cheese Factory for cheese curds and ice cream, not in the same bowl of course.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend with much fun and it was definitely a special time with a truly wonderful and special boy. I am however sure Ben was cheating at Uno though as it seems unlikely he should win three games in a row. Ziggy was well and truly tired by the end and slept most of the way home in the car.

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