Children of the Revolution

Reading, I finished Snow Crash. It is a good book, although I’m confused why it ended the way it did. I’m not going to spoil the story as it is so good but why after such a roller coaster ride did Stephenson end the joy-ride so abruptly? Stephenson created with this book a truly unique look at the future, franchised corporate states with the US government reduced to piece work programming for a crazy preacher and the mafia being the most ethical force around.

It’s a book full of humor and fun, let’s face it the main character is called Hiro Protagonist. It’s a sardonic take on the cyberpunk genre without overdoing it. There are some interesting and engaging characters and the ultimate in bad boy villain with Raven and YT the ultimate take on skater girl. As with any Neal Stephenson book it’s jam packed with ideas that you have to remember the age of the book to appreciate. One of the challenges for science fiction authors in the modern age has to be how fast technology moves today. What may have been a cutting edge idea at conception could be old hat by the time the book is published.

The joy of this book is evident form page one, which may be one of the best introductions of any new character. It’s also unusual for Stephenson not too long a book, he has taken to stretching his books to 1000 plus pages recently so Snow Crash’ modest size makes it manageable.

The to be read pile is growing exponentially it seems, this week I finally opened Icerigger by Alan dean Foster and it has got off to a good fast paced beginning. Foster is one of those authors who has written so many books it is hard to know where to begin. He has done more movie novelizations than any author  think. I do however have good memories of Icerigger from my teen years so it will be good to see if it lives up to the memory.

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