Children of the Sun

Well more vegetative moments.

There are Triffids in our garden, they are waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting passerby. There is one quite spectacular specimen. He is masquerading as an onion but I know if I am suddenly struck blind by a passing comet he will pounce with his poisonous whip and I will become fertilizer.

There really is no hope the end is nigh and we shall all become mulch for the greater vegetable masses. So what was supposed to be an addendum to my salad is now a dangerous beast lurking amongst the benign onions.

The real reasons of course is the bizarre fluctuations of temperature that we have had, my poor onion thinks he has been in the ground for two years and it’s time to flower. He is confused, fearful and ready to blossom, this is a perfect storm of impatience, I fear he may injure the dog.



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