Out Here We Are

Life goes on as do birthdays and reading and listening to music, April is a pretty special month with three birthdays, our eldest boy an our youngest boy and my Mum. It’s a month of singing and laughing and wondering were the time went. All in all a good month indeed and Ben went to outdoor school too.

Having three boys can be a bit of a chore sometimes, so much energy in the building. I love all three of my boys so much and it’s fairly obvious to anyone watching them that they also love each other, of course sometimes it doesn’t always look like they like each other but they are always there for each other and will always be that way I’m sure.

Here they are not long after the birth of the youngest and most spoiled of all Benjamin.





I’ve become quite unreasonably excited about going to see Ray Davies in July. Ever since I listened to Preservation Act II by the Kinks when I was a child I have loved the Kinks and this album is in all reality probably their worst album. Nobody would really argue with that estimation either it seems to be universally disliked. Of course the choices in my parents collection was limited to John Denver, Shirley Bassie and maybe a Beach Boys album, there was surprisingly no Beatles although I remember my mum singing their songs frequently. So that Kinks album became something different, it was garish, it was dramatic and at times ridiculous and I loved it. This album may also be the source of my love of prog rock, who knows.

I have listened to the music of the Kinks almost every week since I started listening to music, they cover all the bases from punk to rock and theater, they are funny, nostalgic, melodramatic and creators of truly beautiful melodies. Every record collection I have ever had included at least a Kinks greatest hits album. I never went to see them though, in a sense I felt that they could probably never live up to my hopes or desires for the show, also at times they were so uncool compared to what you are supposed to go see as a teenager, and by the time I had got over myself we had moved to the USA and chances became limited then Dave got sick and that seemed like the end of the chances. The chances of seeing the Kinks is limited but the other week I was checking out the Aladdin theater website and there was Ray Davies smiling. So we are all going, Tom, Ben, Chris, Michelle and Me to see one of the greatest English songwriters ever.

You have to understand the first two bands my kids ever heard was the Beatles followed closely by the Kinks. It is an essential part of their education musically and to explain what it means to be English living in America. One of the first guitar licks I heard Tom play was the solo from Waterloo Sunset, there was never a doubt we would go really, happily enough Michelle is being understanding. Plans are being hatched to start lining up at 5p.m. because the Aladdin is general admission and when you are gong to see a musical genius you need to be close.

So here is Ray in 2010  at Glastonbury:






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