Castles Made of Sand

George R.R. Martin has danced with dragons and feasted with crows, but in the eighties he wrote the Armageddon Rag a novel about the sixties as seen from the dissolute eighties. A supernatural thriller that has more to say about how we lost our dreams as a society than Almost Famous or Wall Street ever could. The story of a fictitious rock band reuniting to perform one more time, manipulated in the past and manipulated in the present the band are only a tool for others ambitions.

Martin obviously misses the idealism of the 60’s but is also aware of that decades mythology overshadowing the truth. His hero is a flawed man trying to find his ideals and feeling strangely out of place in the present so he turns to his past and finds he doesn’t fit there either. It’s a good book that has disquieting moments without the horror shocks.

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