Have you ever watched magical mystery tour. They really happen a whole bunch of old folks heading out to parts unknown or north Wales to drink tea, eat fish and chips, sing on the bus have a raffle and play bingo. It’s a surreal and wonderful experience. Today’s cast include the multi lingual labour counselor the half blind old lady both Maureen’s Angela and my parents trapped on a bus for an hour and a half with one CD of cover songs performed by an Irish country musician, this was obviously a CD that contained the entire busses repertoire of singalong songs.






So eventually the whole charrabang ends up in Wales were tea drinking and fish and chips ensued.
The fun of hanging out with my parents and their friends cannot be truly explained. They are group who really know how to have a good time, I have seldom experienced so much fun and affection this is truly a group of people who care for each other deeply.



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