Void City

Philip K. Dick, along with Ray Bradbury is an author that it is almost impossible to effectively criticize without attack from the rabid fan base who will hoist you on your won petard. Like Bradbury however Dick is able to tell a story in an effortless and all enmeshing way.

I am not sure if anyone would ever class this as one of Dick’s greatest but it is an engaging story that envelopes you almost immediately. This would have made a great twilight zone episode, it is a mysterious story where from the start everything is not right, it also connects on the level that everyone can imagine returning to somewhere from childhood and discovering that everything is not as they remember it.

The ending is a little disappointing but the journey to the end is well worth the miles traveled. It really is no surprise that so many of Dick’s stories have been filmed they are so good. Maybe I just joined the rabid fan base.

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