A long way from home

Just a few weeks until the big journey begins with my adult child, there is a strange concept, Thomas. The plan is to return to England and visit his grandparents and celebrate a coming of age for Thomas. This is a time of great joy, pride and sadness, it is hard to give up those ultra-protective, some might say controlling,  instincts,  I have.

We don’t’ really have a plan apart form the Cropredy music festival, some time in London and then a drive through Wales back to my parents. Maybe we will blog maybe not.


The Kink’s “Long Way From Home” is one of those songs that takes you by surprise makes you pause and think, Ray Davies is the master of this sort of song. This at times truly expresses some of the thoughts that go through my mind as I watch my eldest getting ready to leave his home.

It is also poignant as I get ready to take Thomas back to England to visit his grandparents. I have really for the last 16years living in the USA been at home but at the same time a very long way from my roots.

“Now you think your wiser because you’re older” I sometimes need this to be said to me. We all sometimes need to be told this.

Anyway the link to the song is above if you have the need to hear it.


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