Adjust Me

So dinner is over and new clothes have been bought for the boys on the way to Minnesota and points east.

So the reading, first off was Primary Inversion by Catherine Asaro, this is her first book and does not necessarily suffer for that fact. A mixture of space opera and romance, high tech and emotion, it is however obviously the start of a much longer series although the story did not inspire me to go forth and read more.

There is something to be said about massive empire fiction but why is it always a monarchy, has there ever been a novel regarding a socialist empire.

Next came Risen Empire by Scott Westerfield, again the start of a larger series of stories. This book is again a love story, one is a conventional human love story the other thread is a little less conventional with the upgraded cyborg commando and naive ugly little girl. It reads like a first chapter in a novel not the first novel in a series. Full of interesting technology, micro size weapons and space marines. There are also so many ideas for this 200 page plus novel that it feels like an introduction not a full book. Various ideas of immortality are examined, the zombie like longevity of the human empire or the upgrading of the tech empire, this is a fascinating book that has me waiting for his next installment.

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