>Space Chase

>Books used to be shorter in the 70’s have you noticed. David Gerrold’s Space Skimmer is one such short book, just over 200 pages in my version.

The Human Empire has ended, in fact it’s nowhere to be found and Mass is looking for it, really he is looking for the lost Space Skimmer’s which are faster than light craft that zoom the Human Race around the galaxy.
This is a story more about communication and connections than high adventure. In the end and not surprisingly for a book written in the early 70’s we discover that love is the answer to all, once the five characters can learn to communicate effectively and love each other all is well.
This was a good read not space opera but filled with ideas. Not surprising as Gerrold was one of the creative forces behind Star Trek. It was also extremely refreshing after the disappointment of the Brian Aldiss Dracula fiasco.

Planning continues for the big European trip. Some reviews of hotels and hostels are quite terrifying though. It is however fun to think of the things to do and the stuff to experience.

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