>Void City

>I’d forgotten about this book, maybe I tried to forget about it at the end of the day, it really was a wretched thing and worse still it is by one of my favorite authors. Although I was not enjoying it I am cursed with the need to finish every story I begin, the urge to know what happens next is too much. Nothing can really prepare anyone for the terror that is:

If you should chose to read this horror then you will have to go on the journey with a strong stomach and a spirit of hope. I was not sure whether this was set before or after Frankenstein Unbound although by the mid-point I had given up and it became an endurance task to get to the end. I cannot even remember where this came in my reading, I also have little recollection of the story, there is a train, time travel, vampires and Bram Stoker with syphilis.

Brian Aldiss is however one of the greats of science fiction, maybe he needed a new house or a pool or to pay his taxes, there has to be a reason.

In other news tickets have been bought for Tom and my trip to the UK, also tickets for Cropredy are purchased and hopefully will arrive before we leave.
It will also be an opportunity to shop for J.G. Ballard books. Also maybe the blog will become a more entertaining prospect.

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