>Solitary Mindgames

>The voyage continues with many new books bought this week, well old books but new to me thanks to used bookstores. Robert’s Books in Lincoln City could very well be the best bookstore I have been in for a long time. A labyrinth of book cases with piles of book precariously balanced on top of other piles with signs saying “please do not rearrange.” So many treasures found including Hothouse by Brian Aldiss, a book I have not read since my teens.

Collecting books has become something of an obsession as has the reading of them. Reveling in barely remembered worlds of my youth. It seems I have been concentrating mainly on books from the 50’s through the early 80’s this is mainly because they seem to be the hardest to track down. J.G. Ballard is almost impossible to find in a store, I am going to have to resort to online purchasing. I will have to address this as my reading is a bit lopsided at the moment and could appear a little obsessed with the past. There is however time for Jeff VanDerMeer and China Mieville who’s books sit on my shelf. I have also had to stop looking at the library website in order to concentrate on reading purchased books.

The list is growing although there is no list.

This book was nowhere near any list I had thought about or written but I can’t resist an apocalyptic tale.

As with all Dickson’s books it seems mans mind overcomes the almost impossible predicament that the human race finds itself in. An adventure that was thoroughly enjoyable, a man in search of his attachment to others, a strange girl who refuses to talk and an affectionate leopard.

Not as enjoyable as Wolf and Iron but still a great way to while away some rainy afternoons.

On to the best read of the week, some of the most beautiful language and the best evocation of an alien landscape with apparently no regard to actual knowledge of what the Martian landscape is truly like.

The Martian Chronicles is a tour de force, it is more about humanity than aliens and has to be one of the most beautifully written books I have read since I started this. The first chapter or story alone should convince anyone reading that science fiction is literature not just a genre. The other stories seem to occupy their own space and time, gentle and yet violent in their content.

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