>We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago

>”Earth Abides” is deservedly a classic, a well imagined description of one section of the human races decline to an almost paleolithic state  after a a global epidemic. Having read  other post-apocalyptic fiction I kept wanting to grab Ish and his contented crew by the scruff of their collective neck and make them work to survive other than having to find a new can opener.

A frustrating read on that level but really a great book describing exactly how unimportant man can be, if he remains passive, on a global scale, Ish eventually succumbs to his own passivity and just lets go of any attempt to intellectually influence the future but concentrates on giving his “tribe” skills that they will find useful and a talisman that will signify leadership. I kept hoping that somewhere there was a group of people farming and making their own future rather than just allowing themselves to fade away happily into obscurity.

Then on to William Gibson and  “Neuromancer.”

The most recent book I’ve read so far although 1984 is still 17 years ago, hard to imagine I have missed Gibson for so long but that’s the way things go.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, Philip K. Dick meets Elmore Leonard, I will be looking out for more Gibson beginning with the other two Sprawl novels and then who knows were else. It’s good to “discover” a new writer, on some level though I think I may have been deliberately avoiding Gibson, probably for the same reason, according to Michelle, I have only just begun to watch “Lost,” it was too mainstream at the time.

Monday is the big Eric Clapton show me and the boys are going to. I am sure it will be a good experience for all, although maybe a little too predictable. Maybe I really do struggle with the mainstream.

Best thing I heard today is the Manic Street Preachers covering Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head.

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