>Who’s Gonna Win The War Now

>This sticking to the idea of only reading science fiction may be harder than I at first planned. Fevre Dream is not really science fiction although it was on one of the many lists I looked over, on reflection it is definitely more in the fantastic fiction camp. This was one of the reasons for abandoning the lists in the first place.

My answer to this is to read a book that is universal to all lists, luckily as I pored over the books in the library book store I found a hard back copy of George R. Stewart’s “Earth Abides.” Funny how my answer to a dissatisfaction with lists is to return to the lists, now there is a thought for the therapists couch.

So onward with the adventures of Ish and his survival after the epidemic that has ended the majority of human life on earth. This book was written in 1949 and seems to be acknowledged as a classic so it fits the criteria.

 I have managed to collect quite a stack of reading so I should at least write a list of some variety although it may be best to just read and see what jumps off the shelf in the moment, or maybe books will make connections, and then there are the books I’ve already read.

Maybe as this whole thing progresses it will become some sort of anarchic stumble through the stack of books on the shelf and overflowing onto the floor.

Some authors are more difficult than others to find it seems, Ballard and Aldiss particularly so, with Isaac Asimov also proving elusive. As I search through used bookstores I find myself drawn to those old books I read as a teen, or have sold in the past or given away, there have been at least three books I have bought again this week.

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